Vocal Toolbox

Vocal Power, Voice Care and Presentation Techniques for Educators


Teacher: Katja Maria Slotte


This workshop is for all teachers who:

  • Use their speaking voices in their daily profession
  • Experience vocal problems, such as hoarseness, vocal fatigue, vocal strain or hurt, lack of volume or power
  • Wish to gain more self-confidence in using their voices
  • Wish to discover more possibilities in using their voices
  • Want to learn how to avoid and solve vocal problems


In this informative and interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn the basics of how the voice works
  • Learn exercises to build vocal ease, volume, range, dynamics / power.
  • Understand what factors contribute to experiencing vocal problems (in speaking and/or singing voice), and gain insight in how to solve these problems
  • Learn exercises to relax the voice after a working day/week or upon experiencing vocal fatigue
  • Gain more self-confidence in using their voices in teaching situations, when presenting singing activities, or when giving presentations and lectures.
  • Experience how the voice is connected to self confidence and authority (in teaching / lecture / presentation situations), and how to use this in their advantage
  • Learn techniques for voice, posture, body-language and expression, to help them deliver self-confident presentations when for example giving lectures and speaking in front of large groups



The workshop consists of an interactive lecture / presentation that covers the following subjects:

  • Understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the voice
  • Posture, postural support
  • Breathing and abdominal support
  • Vocal modes, volume, power, dynamics
  • Differences between speaking and singing voice
  • Vocal hygiene and vocal health
  • Reasons for and solutions to common vocal problems experienced by teachers, such as: lack of volume and power, hoarseness, vocal strain and hurt, breathiness,
  • How to „carry“ your voice better and gain more power without straining



  •  Vocal technique and vocal exercises : Complete Vocal Technique
  • Kinesthetic exercises
  • Posture and body-work exercises, related to Alexander technique and Yoga
  • Exercises from drama, improvisation and presentation techniques

We will do exercises to cover all areas, and questions can be asked throughout the day. Some individual issues will be also addressed.



Please bring a text (presentation, poem or story), or a song you use in the classroom, to work on. Think of concrete questions about the voice that you would like to have answered, for example:

  • My voice gets tired after a day of teaching
  • I find it difficult to speak loud
  • My voice does not correspond with the message I want to bring across, what can I do about it?
  • I feel nervous about speaking in front of a group of people