Singing Time

Basic Singing Technique and Teaching Methodology for Educators


This course is designed for everyone who works with children and uses singing in their profession, for example: classroom teachers, childcare professionals, music teachers and choir directors.

In this course you will:

  • Get better understanding in how your (singing) voice works
  • Gain more self-confidence in using your singing voice and singing in front of a group of students
  • Learn effective ways to present singing activities to your students, taking in consideration the learning situation and different styles of learning, the age and background of  your students


Zara singing

Participants will

  • Train their singing voices, learn directly applicable techniques and solutions to common singing problems
  • Develop awareness of the various elements of singing: pitch, melody, rhythm, and dynamics, through concrete exercises
  • Learn about the differences between children’s and adult voices, and how to establish the right pitch for singing activities with children
  • Learn singing and teaching methodology, such as echo, call-response, canon (rounds)
  • Practice presenting singing activities, get feedback and suggestions on how to develop themselves


All exercises are concrete and the vocal technique exercises are presented in a problem-solving way. For example: how to avoid unwanted vocal breaks, how to solve issues with unstable notes, loss of air, breathiness, lack of power, difficulty to sing high(er) or low(er) notes. The techniques are presented from the methodology of Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) and are applicable to all genres of singing (pop, Jazz, folk, classical, world music, musical theatre, rock, etc.).

The course is tailored to meet your specific needs. Please indicate the age and background of your students, in order to match the methodology with the students’ developmental and singing level:

  • Early childhood (0-6 years)
  • Children aged 7-12 years


Teacher: Katja Maria Slotte

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