No Instruments? No Problem! SHOWTIME

23-24 January 2015, Lycée Technique pour Professions Educatives et Sociales, Mersch 

The “No Instruments? No problem!” workshops are designed to explore the vast possibilities there are to teach music in a meaningful and creative way without using any instruments at all. This time we are learning new songs and body percussion show pieces, specially arranged for 8-12 year olds by Jeanne Schmartz and Katja Maria Slotte, and taking the repertoire out of the classroom and out on stage! 

Participants will learn:
• a warm-up session with exercises for voice, body and rhythm, that can be directly used in the classroom, with their students and choirs
• a new repertoire of specially arranged songs and body percussion pieces that can be used for school and children’s choir performances
• how to rehearse the songs with their students, and receive helpful tips on how to structure and lead a rehearsal, and about the rehearsal process

The repertoire consists of songs from many countries, carefully selected and specially arranged to be learned and performed by 8-12 year old students and children’s choirs. The songs are arranged for unisono and 2-3 part voices, with body percussion features and accompaniments. The warm-ups that will be taught will not only open up the voice and body, but also create a good group atmosphere and prepare the mind for a rehearsal. Katja and Jeanne have extensive experience with preparing performances with young singers and musicians, and will share all their helpful tips with you. If you don’t have a choir or performing music group in your school, this workshop will give you some nice ideas on how to get started!

Jeanne Schmartz, Master in arts, Bachelor in music
Katja Maria Slotte, Master of Music, Authorized Complete Vocal Technique Teacher

Additional information and sign-up via SCRIPT Formation Continué