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Music In All is a http://www.strolf.com/ between two musicians and music educators: Jeanne Schmartz and Katja Maria Slotte.

Jeanne studied violin, and trained as a percussionist and is specialised in Latin percussion. She’s also a musicologist with a research interest in world music and music education. Katja studied piano and flute, trained as a music teacher and voice teacher, and as a singer specialising in world music, jazz and pop. She is specialised in the methodology of teaching singing, and in singing techniques for all styles of music.

We do workshops and professional development courses, coach teachers, write handbooks for people who teach singing and music, create new teaching materials, develop music education projects and give school concerts.

From time to time we share our thoughts on music education in this blog. The following aspects of music education that are especially close to our hearts:

  • Singing & Vocal Education
  • Percussion (Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Latin)
  • World Music & Multicultural Music Education
  • Orff-Schulwerk
  • Early Childhood & Elementary Music

On our blog you will find news, observations, reviews on music education materials (books, DVD’s, CD’s), information on interesting music education projects, initiatives, concerts and workshops, as well as mini-interviews with interesting music educators and musicians that inspire us. From time to time we will give away some lesson plans and share our favorite teaching tips.

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